How through the virus?


As we all-known, all the people have been under a threat situation and a long suffer times of coronavirus from January til now, also we are not sure when is the end of this disaster. Through this horrible virus, most of the countries have lack of the goods of the epidemic prevention, at that time as the citizen of our country, our company has been decided to take 1% of the monthly turnover to the society to achieve the shortage of the goods of the epidemic prevention requirements. Furthermore, our boss also makes some donations to our society privately.


Also as we are the manufacturer is qualified to produce the Hand Sanitizer so we have started to offer the hand sanitizer to the world through our little strength. What’s more, after we get back to work we had been sent some hand sanitizers to another company which is in the same building as our company office to prevent the coronavirus. This is our company had been made some small effort for this society. 


All our wishes are hoping everything is back to regular life. The period children can hang out with friends in the park, teenagers can go to school regularly, adults can go to work at the office and the elder people can visit their friends…