Rich in vitamin E, keratin complex restores health and softens the wildest hair.


1000ml e/33.8fl.oz


DS Keratin Max Treatment with chocolate fragrance reconstructs, repairs, and moisturizes. What’s more, It also can damage repair the hair. DS Keratin Max Treatment eliminates frizz, reduces volume, leaves hair straight, and repairs damage from the environment. On the other hand, it also an excellent moisturizer with great rejuvenating and regenerating qualities.

DS Keratin Max Treatment is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta- Carotene, and vitamin D. When combined with natural keratin and other hair treatment ingredients our grape extract keratin complex restores health, treats, and softens the wildest hair, eliminating frizz and reducing volume.

DS Keratin Max Treatment can be used on all types of hair and lasts for up to three months according to comment customers. The reason is the DS Keratin Max Treatment, will together with a highly concentrated protein compound, has a unique synergy that acts fast and vigorously to regenerate and rebuild the hair shaft. 

In inclusion that there are four important points that indicate it’s more suit for you:

Firstly, Instantly straightens, smooths your hair.

Secondly, Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity.

Thirdly, Repairs hair using an intense conditioning remedy.

Fourthly, Revitalizes dry, damaged, frizzy, and hard to manage hair.



Shampoo with DS Keratin Max Purifying shampoo. Blow-dry on low/medium until your hair is 100% dry.

Step 1

  • Shake jar well.
  • Using gloves, apply to hair with the tint brush using 1/2″ sections.
  • Comb through every hair with a fine-tooth comb until hair is completely absorbed. Please do not over-absorb the hair, make sure it’s not be dripping. If there are any ingredients collected on the comb, wipe it off with a towel.
  • Suggest making sure that the ingredient is on the hair averagely.
  • Place hair in a plastic cap

         *For chemically treated or damaged hair, allow hair to absorb solution for 20 minutes.

          *For very resistant, coarse hair, allow hair to absorb solution for 30 minutes.


  • Step 2

  • After the solution has absorbed for the specific time period, blow dry hair on medium or high heat with a paddle brush/vent brush until it is 100% dry.
  • With a heat resistant comb, divide hair into 4 to 6 sections depending on length and density of hair.
  • Using a 430-450degree flat iron, start at the nape of the neck taking 1/8 inch sections. The sections should be small enough that you should be able to see your hand through the hair.
  • Slowly move the iron from root to ends 5-7 times (7-10 times for extremely curly, coarse hair) infusing the keratin into the hair shaft.

          *For chemically treated or damaged hair reduce heat to 420-430 degrees. After the set period, suggest washed with DS Keratin Max Treatment Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. DO NOT USE clips, place your hair behind your ears or pull it up in a ponytail during the set hours.


METHANAL, C.1.16035, C丄15985, C.1.19140, C.I.42090.


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