Magic Master Keratin

Formaldehyde Free Coconut Master Magic Keratin

300ml e/10.2fl.oz & 1000ml e/33.8fl.oz

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This Magic Master Keratin made up entirely new assets in cosmetology, a range of organic acids that ensure healthy hair straightening and a mix of assets that provide a shield with never before achieved results. Its formula contains Inca oil, which is rich in fatty acids(omega 3,6,9) and also has an extremely high level of antioxidants(vitamins A and E) as well as being rich in essential proteins and amino acids to health of hair.



  • Wash the hair twice with Magic Master Clarifying shampoo. Towel Dry.

  • Apply Magic Master Pre Treatment on for 2mins, then rinse. Dry the hair 80%.

  • Apply Magic Master Keratin strand to strand spreading with a comb . Let it work.(Blonde hair for 25 min.Any other for 50 min)

  • In case of virgin hair,after the 50 min,warm it with a blow drier. Rinse it for fully

  • Get the blow drier and flat iron in strands at least 15 times

  • For better results in weak,blond or colored hair get moisturize before the blow-drying and do not use the flat iron above 390 degrees.



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