Professional salon use hairdryer


Arganmdias Moroccan Argan Oil Hairdryer which suits for professional use. There some important points for reference:

Firstly, it has a different standard for choose, such as the USA, UK, EU
Secondly, it has stable wind and low noise, which can help you blow the hair more quickly and quite.
Thirdly, it’s a more concentrator nozzle.
Fourthly, it has the cold Shot button which convenient for different needs.

Feature :

1) It can create a shiny effect, preventing static, frizz, and absorbing moisture for superior conditioning;

2) Ergonomic handle design offers easy to balance and handling without strain;

3) Ultra-lightweight, dryer itself weighs less than 1lb;

4) Nylon shell surface, high temperature, the same type, lightweight, safer and more comfortable;

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