Hair rumor:The 3 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About your hair.

The 3 Biggest Lies Youve Been Told About your hair

If you’re like more women, you probably consider your hair your best accessory — so it’s no wonder that you’d go to great lengths to keep it in top shape .But are some of your most common beauty rituals , Like switching up your shampoo every few months and applying conditioner everywhere , actually doing more harm than good ?

Let me break down what’s true—and what’s oh-so false—when it comes to your mane.


The myth & reality of hair

The myth: Getting regular trims will help your hair grow faster.

The reality: Hair normally grows a half inch every four weeks, However, Trimming your ends [every six to eight weeks] will help you maintain your hair’s shape and prevent splitting the hair shaft. So what can you do to grow longer strands? What you eat is key—try adding foods high in protein and omega-3s to your diet.


The myth: You can become immune to your hair products.

The reality: “The environment and seasonal weather changes, like humidity, contribute to this, some mass market hair brands use large quantities of silicones and other [ingredients] that build up on the hair shaft.At first, these coatings make your hair look smooth and shiny, but after using them repeatedly, hair can become limp and lifeless. The solution? Use Arganmidas Moroccan Argan Oil Clear Hydrating shampoo  once a week to remove excess buildup.


beauty hair after using argan oil shampoo

The myth: You need to apply conditioner from root to tip.

The reality: When it comes to conditioner, a little goes a long way. focusing on your scalp when shampooing (because that’s where you’ll see product buildup) and then just running a small amount of conditioner through your ends. Just be sure not to rub your hands together too vigorously on the length of the hair; this can roughen up the cuticles and damage the hair shaft.



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