Advantages of Arganmidas Hair Care Products

Advantages of Arganmidas Hair Care Products

ARGANMIDAS V.S. Household Hair Care Products

  • ARGANMIDAS focuses on premium hair care services, and it provides professional salon quality for daily hair care products.
  • With gentle formula while powerful and effective function, one ARGANMIDAS product solves kinds of hair problems, especially for the over-processed hair.
  • Now ARGANMIDAS has grown into a brand with a full line of professional hair care products, and it will continue to innovation in healthy & technological hair repairing field.

ARGANMIDAS V.S. Other Professional Hair Care Products

  • ARGANMIDAS maximizes its function by combining plant extracts refinement & innovative technology, providing customers with professional salon-level hair care experience.
  • ARGANMIDAS sets up R&D centers in both Canada and China. With 100,000 grade GMPC Dust–Free purification workshop of EU Validation and highest standards in China Cosmetics Industry, covering an area of more than 13,000 sqm, ARGANMIDAS can develop hair care products as the market needs.
  • ARGANMIDAS has grow into one of well-known professional hair care brands of all series, with agents and distributors all over the world.


With strong R&D and production abilities, strong brand and premium product quality, 0% complaints in 10 years, we provide BRAND AGENT/ DISTRIBUTOR SERVICES, OEM / OBM / ODM SERVICES.

We are looking for agents and distributors. Welcome to contact us!  whatsapp: +8618594029186. Email:arganmidasofficial@gmail.com.