Brand Tone of ARGANMIDAS

Brand Tone of ARGANMIDAS

ARGANMIDAS Brand Tone:Healthy, Professional, Scientific, Restorative.

1. HEALTH: ARGANMIDAS puts the “health” of professional users and consumers in the fore together with the ability to meet welliness and beauty needs.

2. PROFESSION: ARGANMIDAS Provide all kinds of salon quality hair caring products, they allows women to found that the authentic beauty begins the very moment they use ARGANMIDAS.

3. SCIENCE: ARGANMIDAS combines technology with premium raw materials and functional formula to maximize the power of healthy hair caring products for hair of all types.

4. RESTORATION: It is the goal that makes ARGANMIDAS separates the great from the average. It uses the finest ingredients to create one of the most deeply nourishing hair treatments trusted and recommended by salon professionals.


Offer Salon Quality Hair Care Experience

Dedicated to professional hair care, ARGANMIDAS is built on expertise and quality. It offers full line products combining technology with precious essences, like Argan Oil, Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Proteins, Vitamins.

Thus, ARGANMIDAS not only provides healthy & salon level hair care treatment, but also powerfully moisturizes, repairs, and strengthens damaged hair. PRODUCT LINES: Hair Caring Series, Hair Coloring Series, Hair Repairing Series, Hair Styling Series, Perm Series…


With strong R&D and production abilities, strong brand and premium product quality, 0% complaints in 10 years, we provide BRAND AGENT/ DISTRIBUTOR SERVICES, OEM / OBM / ODM SERVICES.

We are looking for agents and distributors. Welcome to contact us!  whatsapp: +8618594029186. Email:arganmidasofficial@gmail.com.