The Exhibition of Arganmidas Argan Oil Series in Saudi Arabia

About Beauty Exhibition

Welcome to Visit our Saudi Arabia Beauty Exhibition A80–Arganmidas!  Arganmidas Argan Oil Series travel around the world!

arganmidas argan oil

This exhibition dedicated to beauty,health,wellness&cosmetic in Saudi Arabia .

The Saudi Exhibition of A80-Arganmidas Argan Oil(Hair Care Products)is exhibiting on November 27th 2016 to November 29th .

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arganmidas rgan oil exhibition

What’s argan oil?

Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree.

Argan oil beauty benefits

  • Hair: Argan oil is a great product to calm frizzy ends, add moisture to dry hair as well as add a little shine. 
  • Body: You can use argan oil for a full body moisturizer, applying just as you would a body lotion or cream.
  • Face: It might seem scary to apply a pure oil to your face, especially if you have finicky skin, but we have been doing just that and our skin is completely turning around. It’s smooth, clear and radiant, all thanks to using argan oil as our daily morning moisturizer.
  • Scalp: If you’re dealing with dry scalp, apply some argan oil to a cotton ball and dab your scalp with the oil. If you do this before bed, you’ll give the oil plenty of time to moisturize your scalp before you wash your hair in the morning.

Our Invitation

We invite you to experience Arganmidas and discover the performance behind the Moroccan Argan Oil hair care products.

Looking forward to your coming.

Arganmidas Exihibition Informations

Exhibition Center : The Saudi Exhibition

Booth Number : A80-Arganmidas
Date : Nov.27th 2016 to Nov.29th

6 thoughts on “The Exhibition of Arganmidas Argan Oil Series in Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohanad Azzam says:

    Where can i find arganmidas products in Riyadh/Saudi arabia ?


  2. sunsarabeauty says:

    Hi Mohanad,we have given you Distributor contact information.Thanks for your interested in Arganmidas.

  3. Talal says:

    Where can i find arganmidas products in Jeddah/Saudi arabia ?

  4. sunsarabeauty says:

    hi,Talal,we have given you our distributor contact information.Thanks.

  5. Naveed says:

    where can we find these products in Jeddah?

  6. EmKay says:

    Where can I find arganmidas products in Jeddah?

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