Causes and Types of DANDRUFF

Causes and Types of DANDRUFF


Everyone’s hair may be different. Some people have severe hair loss, some have severe oiliness, some people’s hair becomes dry and split due to excessive perm, and some people have dandruff. If your hair starts to show dandruff and itching, it means that there is a problem with your scalp.


So what about excessive dandruff? There are two types of dandruff, one is dry dandruff, and the other is oily lumpy dandruff.


The dry dandruff of the scalp is caused by the shedding of keratinocytes in the epidermis of the human scalp. Unlike the natural shedding under normal conditions, it will fall off drastically. Just like fine dandruff, which is relatively dry. In fact, our body will fall off every day, but generally, the amount is relatively small, so it will not cause concern.


The oily dandruff is caused by pathological symptoms in our body’s secretion system. Which leads to an imbalance of scalp oil secretion, which breeds many bacteria. By mixing with dust particles in the air, the oil easily becomes solid and becomes oily dandruff that we can see with the naked eye.


Although more and more dandruff is pathological dandruff, it is caused by the over-proliferation of Malassezia. As a result, many targeted Malassezia-killing drugs have been put into use, major pharmacies, and some care products. There are ingredients that can inhibit the reproduction of the bacteria.


Therefore, it is not that all dandruff is caused by improper use of shampoo. Nowadays, with more and more pathological dandruff, we must pay more attention to hygiene, wash our hair frequently, cherish the hair, and use the one that suits us. Care products do not over-perm and dye hair.