The 3 rumors about SILICONE OIL SHAMPOO

The 3 rumors about SILICONE OIL SHAMPOO


In recent years, the Silicone oil shampoo is quite popular, but with the question at the same time. We have collected 4 rumor concern about silicone oil shampoo, wish people treat the silicone shampoo in a comprehensive way.


Rumor One:

Since silicone oil is insoluble in water, it is not easy to wash away from the hair, causing certain damage to the hair.

Some people may wonder, what is silicone? Among chemical substances, silicon, also known as dimethylsiloxane. Which is a very commonly used polymer organic compound. Which belongs to synthetic chemicals.

The nature of silicone oil is stable. The silicone oil of the washing and care products is modified and used after extracting harmless substances. The modified water-soluble silicone oil is gentle and soft and does not actually harm the hair.


Rumor Two:

Silicone oil shampoo can induce allergies

Some people’s allergies after using silicone oil shampoo are almost not caused by silicone oil, but by the body’s own allergens. Because silicone oil is chemically stable, it can even be said to be an inert substance. Silicone oil is different from hapten substances of small molecules such as fragrances and emulsifiers, so there is basically no allergies caused by silicone oil.


Rumor Three:

Using silicone oil shampoo can cause hair fall or even serious hair loss

As early as 2005, shampoo products without silicone oil have appeared in Japan. Applying different concentrations of silicone oil shampoo to the hair will not cause hair loss or hair loss. Because the concentration of general silicone oil shampoo is less than 4%, the amount is very small.

But those who are familiar with the ingredients of silicone oil know that the main function of silicone oil is to moisturize, soften, and form a film. The soft skin feel is due to the low molecular weight, low viscosity, and strong wettability of silicone oil. So it is not only suited to the shampoo, but also in other various skincare products.

The silicone oil in the shampoo mainly reflects the film-forming properties, forming a thin film on the surface of the hair fiber, which makes the hair more shiny and smooth.


Comes into conclusion, We have to familiar with the ingredients contained in various shampoos. After some use, if allergies, hair loss, dandruff, and other phenomena will indeed occur. We must find a product that is suitable for ourselves and cannot blindly follow the trend.

The safety of silicone oil cleaning products on the market is relatively high. So do not deny this product because of these rumors. But it still varies from person to person. Some people have different hair quality and the effect of silicone oil shampoo will be different after use.