The EIGHT system you must to know about the cosmetics Manufacturer!

“Don’t look for the best, look for the suitable.”

Sun Sara Cosmetics Ltd. We don’t want to be the best we want to be the most suitable, just like our believes that “To be the best beauty supplier in China. ” As we are always looking forward we can improve with the customers and be the most suitable one.


The introduction will separate into 2 parts: Company Overview and Factory.


Company Overview:

Sun Sara Cosmetics Ltd is established in 2012 which is an expert in hair care, hair styling, skincare, body care, and keratin products positioning the quality service as the strategic direction of the company. Our office and factory both at the Baiyun district, Guangzhou which both near to the bus station, subway, and the airport, so transportation is quite convenient. We would be pleased that customers can visit us anytime.


In addition, we have attended lots of exhibitions, such as the Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention Exhibition. In the near future, we will participate in some other professional shows, like the Cosmoprof in Hongkong, Macao, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, and Los Angeles, etc. Also very glad that we can see you in the exhibitions.


Currently, We have supplied our products all around the world, with 16.21% in Russia, 16.06 %in Algeria, and 14.7%* in Southeast Asia. Among the main customers are high-end salons, free duty shops, high-end supermarkets and beauty shops, etc. who as you know, such big companies have strict or detailed requirements. As a result of this, now we are experienced in project work with famous companies, so we are confident to work with customers.

Last but not least, the OEM service is available.

Just as we are all known that build a new brand and start a business is so hard, you need to take years of the time to breed it, to care for it, to care for every information which is close to it, and the market. And we very comprehend that every customer has a dream that to do the things they really the keen on. Since we already have a few brands which quite difficult to gain fame. So we are truly willing to be the partner which company every customer makes the business nobody to somebody.


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So here we come to the next parts:

The Eight systems of Factory which is the particular procedure of production. That’s also much customers concern about it.


The First System: The R&D department.

The R&D department which is the most important part of a factory, will definitely the quality and applicative of the formula. First of all, all of the technician is very experienced in this line and invented hundreds of famous formula for our company and customize customers.


To develop a new formula, we do not only need to choose the most suitable raw material, the ingredients but also need to do much of the test to ensure every formula is qualified. Such as the raw material test, the mixed color test, analysis of semi-finished colonies, semi-finished product microbial testing, stability test, anticorrosive adjustment, and emulsion mixing test, and PH test. All these tests are to make sure the formula is compatible with customers.


To sum up, it will produce more than 3,000 types of different formulas annually. So the R&D department is keeping improve our specialty, not just keeping march on the spot.


So if you are interested in make the private label, don’t worry about, we have the super-strong and experienced R&D department can achieve all your requirement in the formulas.

The Second System: The Supply System.


For a product, the price has been decided many kind ways, but the raw material is the main reason for a price, which can possibly who will use it, where we can sell and how’s the price. So as we know the importance of the raw material so we are very strict with choosing a reliable raw material supplier. Up till now, we have cooperated much international and professional raw material companies, such as the DOW, Shino-tech, and the Clariant, etc. Which are the same suppliers as the Calvin Klein and Miss Dior.


Through we have stable raw material suppliers, we store every formula we develop to compare if we can improve better.

The Third System: The Production Management System.


For the Production Management System, there are more than 50s qualified person in the factory, at least experiences is 3 years.


Not only that, we are not only focused on working but also pay attention to the improvement of specialty. We will hold regular training for the staff that makes sure every staff is qualified and professional.


Now comes the important part of the Production Equipment that is relative to the daily capacity which most of the customers are concern about.


The 6 sets Vacuum Emulsifying Machine, the daily output is 20 tons, the biggest is 2 tons.

The 2 sets Automatic Filling Machine, the output is 2000pcs/hours.

The Automatic Sachet Filling Machine, the output is 3,600 sachets/hours.

The Form-Fill-seal Packaging Machine, the daily capacity is 38,000 bottles of shrink film/days.

The Automatic Packing Machine, the output is 500pcs/hours.

All this production equipment are also can hold the maintenance routine which ensures every product is qualified.

Besides, there is also two different but most magnificent equipment:


The Deionized Water Machine, as we all know water is the most important point in cosmetics, the function of the deionized water machine is to remove the impurity of the water to ensure the quality of the products. Which normally use in the hospital for the medicine and we use it to produce high-level haircare products. So rest assured of the quality issues.


The Sewage Treatment, it can take 200 tons of sewage every day into the environmental standards. As we are not just focused on making the products, but also want to make some effort to protect our world, so we will take good care of the sewage also.


The above are the main equipment which we will use every order, now maybe will curious about what’s the main process? Does it complicated?


So here is the reply to the picture for reference, and it definitely can reach up to customers’ curiosity about the production procedure.

The Fourth System: The Packaging System.


The packaging is important too, as it’s the first impression for customers. And most of the occasion, the first impression will decide most of the things. So we do the great and perfect packaging. Such as we will use the plastic bag prevents the printed from scraped; the EPE prevent the pump from broken; the hard card prevents the bottle from damage; the five class box prevents the bottle from damage; the strip seal prevents the box from broken etc.


All this process is due to offer customers a perfect impression and complete products.

The Fifth System: The Inventory System.


Customers always asking that do you have the products in stock? Then we will check the stock within 6 warehouses. Including Raw material warehouse, Packaging warehouse, Own brand packaging warehouse, Semi-finished products warehouse, Stock warehouse, and Finished products warehouse. Accurate clarification is much convenient and fast to check the stocks.


Besides, the warehouse manager will record every product whether in or out of the warehouse. That also keeps the stocks always in order.

The Sixth System: The QC System.


Quality means everything in Cosmetics. The QC team will do inspections according to the cosmetics standard procedure and provide reports. The QC team has 5 members with 8 years of experience on average. They have deep knowledge and familiarity with strict standards and inspection requirements. They will check the quality from raw material to packing to prevent some of the steps that are not qualified.

The Seventh System: The Pre-shipment Inspection System.


The Pre-shipment Inspection is the last inspection before shipping the products to the customers. For that our employee will double-check the barcode, ingredients, bottles, and boxes, then fill in the records. Which are make sure that if we have received the complaints, we can solve it immediately, also hoping customers receive the perfect products.

The Eighth System: The After-sales System.


This After-sales System includes three parts. For pre-sales, we reply timely and provide formula quotations within 1 day. Technical support will be provided upon request. For orders, we check all the details with customers and the production department. During production, a weekly status report will be provided. A delivery note will be sent before shipment. After receiving the products, if you find and claim any non-conformity,


Sales will respond within 24 hours, then check with suppliers and quality checking team to identify the issue in the following day. Within 3 days, we will work out the solutions, such as repairing, remaking, or returning.


Though we receive complaints sometimes, positive feedback is far more than any complaints or negative feedback from our customers. Which inspires us to keep providing better service in the future.

All the effort we have been done is to show customers that we are a professional and qualified cosmetics company. And appreciated that have the opportunity to improve with the customer.


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