Everything you want to know about the FOOT MASK is right here.

Everything you want to know about the FOOT MASK is right here.


remove the dead skin on the footFoot masks are a kind of socks that originated in Japan and popular in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The raw materials of imported products from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are corrosive substances, which can effectively remove dead skin and thick calluses on the feet. Inhibits keratin, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin. Traditional methods: physical therapy such as shaving, scraping, and grinding, which can easily damage the skin.

The advantage of the foot mask is that it is convenient and safe to avoid scraping, and the dead skin and thick calluses will fall off automatically in a short time! “Women I am the biggest” has also been solemnly introduced. Due to the low production threshold, mainland manufacturers are imitating Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese brands, but their ingredients are all irritating chemical ingredients, which will cause burning and pain when used.



Firstly, deeply remove dead skin on the feet.

Secondly, the use of soft non-woven material waterproof design, comfortable, and convenient to use. When using, the foot mask essence is tightly attached to the skin of the foot, and the effect is even, and it can walk around at will without affecting work

Thirdly, contains corrosive ingredients, easy to damage the skin.



1. After the feet are cleaned and dried, take the product from the packaging bag and cut the foot mask seal along the dotted line with scissors.

2. Put on the foot mask and lightly press the outer layer of the membrane cloth with your hands to make the feet closely contact the essence.

3. Tear off the red double-sided adhesive film from the inside and seal the opening.

4. After about 90-120 minutes, the foot mask can be taken off and the feet can be washed with water.

5. Wash the feet clean.

6. About 5-7 days after use, the old keratin on the feet will gradually fall off.

7. After about 1-2 weeks, the old keratin will be removed and the smooth and tender feet like a baby will be restored



Firstly, if your feet or skin have wounds, redness, itching, inflammation, etc., please stop using it.

Secondly, people with allergies or sensitive skin, do not use this product during breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Thirdly, if you have skin problems, please stop using it.