The 5 reasons CAUSED your HAIR BAD.

The 5 reasons caused your hair bad.


When we are wandering in the street or shopping, we have noticed that some girl’s hair is shiny and healthy. And at that time we couldn’t help thinking that why? As with the same treatment, why is there a completely different hair quality? Let’s understand the real reasons that affect hair quality!

First, nutritional factors affect hair health issues such as hair color, volume, and quality. For example, when the body lacks protein, the hair not only grows slowly, but also easily falls off, and the hair quality becomes worse, the hair becomes thinner, brittle, dry, and lighter in color.


Second, in psychology, mood swings are normal, but they are often within a reasonable peak. Once the mood swings are too large, it will affect the hair. Common mental hair loss is the most direct manifestation. In addition, violent mental factors can also affect hair growth.


Third, the endocrine is the main reason that affects hair growth. It not only affects the health of the hair but also affects the growth cycle of the hair. Postpartum hair loss, softness, and thickness, denseness, and sparseness are all related to endocrine.


Fourth, aging will reduce the sebum secreted by the scalp and make the hair feel rougher. Generally speaking, after the age of forty, a hair follicle will still grow hair, but the diameter of the hair becomes much smaller, so the hair volume begins to decrease significantly.



Fifth, frequent perming and dyeing will directly affect the health of the hair, causing problems such as dryness, fragility, and breakage. If the hair scales are opened and not closed again, the structure of the hair will be greatly changed. Therefore, daily care is very important. Eating more protein-rich foods such as fish will also make your hair healthier.


So come to the conclusion that we should take serious consideration of the above 5 statements. Have you ever happened as above? If you are, adjust your behavior right now, let’s take after our hair together. Thanks for visiting, we would be appreciated that if you make your comment below.